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Shute Harbour Project Updates

Posted on: 16 November, 2016

Shute Harbour Project Update

At the Council meeting on the 10th August 2016, Council decided to accept the quotation from Cardno to project manage the demolition of the South Molle Jetty. For a copy of the full report and attachments go to the Council web site link and look for the meeting of the 10th August 2016, the link is

Previously, Council advised that the demolition of the South Molle Jetty will be able to be commenced once Council has applied for and is in receipt of an approved Tidal Works permit. The demolition work will also need to be Tendered and those Tenders will be advertised by Council. The Tenders will be assessed and one of the Tenders will be chosen by Council. Cardno will project manage the demolition work ensuring at all times that the work carried out is in compliance with the Tidal Works Permit.

Council has received a tidal works permit (including conditions) on the 8th November 2016. The conditions are able to be complied with by incorporating the conditions into Council’s Tender. Council Tendered the Demolition of the South Molle jetty on the 9th November 2016 with Tenders closing on the 2nd December, 2016.

Preliminary works will commence on the demolition of the South Molle Jetty on the 18th November, 2016 with the termination of water and power and the removal of the two pontoons.

All users must leave the South Molle Jetty and pontoons by close of business on the 17th of November 2016.

Frequently Asked Questions

Council held a stakeholder engagement meeting with all operators at Shute Harbour on Monday the 31st October 2016. At the meeting chaired by the Mayor Andrew Willcox, were most of the senior staff of Council, Council’s Consulting engineers Cardno and 20 people representing operators who use Shute or Island resorts.

There were many issues discussed and five questions were put to Council to provide answers, those questions and answers were:

Q1. What is the safe working weight and length of vessels using the Lloyd Roberts Pontoons?

The safe working weight and length of vessels using the Lloyd Roberts Pontoons is 100 tonne or 30 metres in conditions of winds less than 25knots. If a boat owner/skipper is unsure they should contact Council’s site manager first.

Council will be asking Marine Safety Queensland to notify all mariners and appropriate signage will also be installed.

The above restriction will apply after the Seaflex cables have been repaired. The repairs of the Seaflex cables will occur in the coming weeks.

Also the safe working weight for any vehicle, loading device or people is a maximum weight of two (2) tonne. Where loading and unloading is occurring passengers should not be on the pontoons at the same time.

Q2. Can steps be installed on the Lloyd Roberts pontoons to help smaller boats use the pontoons?

Yes a new set of steps will be installed in the next two weeks with fenders for small vessels. The current steps on Pontoon J are not quite to standard but have been used as the model. A second set of steps will be installed on the pontoons currently under repair and will be available when the pontoons are put back into service. Operators may require their own gangways to access their vessel from the pontoons or vice versa.

Q3. Why not remove the Dinghy pontoon and install it somewhere else connected to the shore?

Council have recently received the Department of Transport Hydrographic survey. This survey is being assessed by Cardno to determine whether the dinghy pontoon could be installed on the shore line between the two jetties. Cardno are also giving Council advice about the extent of design and construction works required. This will be assessed by Council. The details will then be provided to operators.

Council has obtained advice from the Local Government Department in Mackay that a Tidal Works Permit will be required for the dinghy pontoon works. This will of course take some weeks to process once an application has been made.

Q4. Why not install a fixed structure beside or over an existing pontoon for the larger vessels?

In relation to the possible fixed structure over the Lloyd Roberts pontoon or a Dolphin pylon structure/s, the cost mentioned on Monday 31st October, of $15,000 per pylon is grossly inaccurate.

Each pylon would probably be 600mm diameter and be 30 metres long. They cost $20,000 to purchase and about $15,000 to drive the pylon. If the U-shaped structure were put in place, the pylons need to be connected and this would cost about $30,000. A structure incorporating three U-shaped connected pylons would be required and would roughly cost $300,000 inclusive of design costs. Obviously another tidal works permit would be required. The dolphin pylon structure would cost roughly $100,000 per structure, with two in place it would be $200,000, with three in place $300,000. Either Structure would require design such that it doesn’t compromise the Seaflex system and would allow Council to remove the pontoon should the pontoon require servicing.

Q5. Will Council give some consideration of fees to be paid by operators currently using the South Molle Jetty and pontoons “H and “J”?

Yes, Council will be sending out an advice to all operators who are currently using the South Molle Jetty or pontoons and have a current arrangement in place with Council that those fees will continue to be charged at the same rate until the 30th June 2017, as a transitional measure. After the 30th June 2017, all operators who use the Lloyd Roberts pontoons will be required to pay the fees applicable to the Lloyd Roberts Pontoons.

With regards to other parts of the infrastructure at Shute and by way of update Council can advise:

Top Car Park - Freehold
Council has lodged an application to create two parcels on the top car park. The application is being assessed by DNRM – Mackay.

Pontoons H (Fuel) and J (Dinghy)
These pontoons are to be disconnected from the South Molle Jetty on the 18th November, 2016. The gangways will be removed on the 18th November and the pontoons will be taken away for repairs in the following week.

Lloyd Roberts Jetty – Concrete Tests
Concrete testing was carried out several weeks ago on the Lloyd Roberts Jetty. The tests were for Chloride Ingress. The test and resulting report are attached. The tests indicate that the pylons and parts of the deck of the jetty have an estimated remaining life of something less than 5 years.

Shute Harbour Terminal Building
An inspection of the undermining of the Terminal Building has been carried out. At the same time an inspection of the pylons and beams that support the structure were inspected. The results of this inspection including repair methodology and costs to repair will be presented to Council before the week ending 18th November 2016.

Lloyd Roberts Pontoons
The deck and fixture repairs to all the Lloyd Roberts pontoons is progressing well and should be completed in the next two to three weeks. Hydro-blasting of the marine growth on the underside of the pontoons was carried out on 10th and 11th November, 2016. This work is a precursor to a diving inspection due for completion by the 18th November.

This is project update No. 2 and will be part of a regular program of updates which will be provided to as many users, residents and interested people as possible.

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