Disaster Recovery Projects

After heavy rainfall and major flooding in February 2019, numerous Council assets such as roads and culvert drains were damaged. This level of severe wet weather is considered a disaster event and Council has been successful in receiving funding under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA) to repair these assets.

The DRFA is a joint Commonwealth/State Government program which provides financial assistance to help communities recover from eligible disasters.

View the map below to see all the DRFA projects underway in the Whitsunday region. A list of current and upcoming unsealed road repairs is also below underneath the map. This information is updated regularly.

Please note - click the icon in the top left-hand corner of the map and tick the boxes to show all work programs.

Current and Upcoming Unsealed Road Repairs

Bowen and surrounds Collinsville and surrounds Proserpine and surrounds Southern regional
East Euri Road Strathalbyn Road Ashton Road Allan Road
Glenore Road Glen Avon Road Bates Road Armit Road
Parters Road (North) Illamatha Road Blair Siding Road Blair Road
Pretty Bend Road Strathford Road Bonnie Springs Road Brown Road
Sneaky Hills Yacamunda Road Borellini Road Cantamessa Road
Summer Hills Amberkolly Road Boundary Road Caprioglio Road
Wally Sproule Road Exmoor Road Bowen River Pump Station Road Casswell Road
Wardens Bend Emu Plains Road Brandy Creek Road Cowen Road
De Salis Street Boundary Creek Road Bridsons Road Daisy Road
Edinburgh Park Road Normanby Road Cedar Creek Falls Road De Boni Road
Lands Road Parada Road Collingvale Road Deambrogio Road
Nobile Road Sutherland Road Cooper Road (North) Dinnie Road
Tondara Road Blue Valley Road Dingo Beach Comm Tower Road Dittmer Road
Rangemore Road Burdekin Dam Road Dorothy Road Dudley Road
Rocky Pond Road Curringa Dougherty Road Ecker Road

Wakala Road

Glendon Road Earlando Road Glen Isla Road
Adelaide Terrace (North) Johnny Cake Road Emmerson Road Gold Creek Road

Adelaide Point Road

Mt McConnell Road Forestry Road Gordon Glen Road
Gordon Glen Road Mt Wyatt Road Frys Road (North) Greenacre Road
Jochheims Road Strathmore (River) Gia Road Greentop Road
Lodge Road Tabletop Road Gloucester Avenue Greenwood Road
McDonalds Close Rutherford Road Holcombe Road Harris Road
Mookara Road (North) Nevada Road Ivanoff Road Hinschen Road
Roaches Road (North)   Jansen Road Kuhlman Road
Roma Peak   Jorgensen Road McDowall Siding Road
    Koolachu Road Morrison Road
    Kurkowski Road Mt Buckley Road
    Lee Road Muller Siding Road
    Maloney Road Nielson Road
    McGregor Road Preston roads
    Moranino Road Dittmar roads
    Mountney Road Foxdale roads
    Muller Road Mount Pluto roads
    Patullo Road Cannonvalley roads
    Plemenuk Road Ossie Drive
    Red Hill Road Oxford Road
    Richardson Road Parkinson Road
    Riley Road Quod Road
    Rosetti Road Read Road
    Saltwater Creek Road Tailing Gully Road
    Silver Creek Road Taylor Road
    Slater Road Thorogood Road
    Station Road Tobin Road
    Thoopara Road Up River Road
    Tyree Road Wandarra Road
    Wilson Road Wrights Road
    Wootten Road  

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie 2017

In 2017, Ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie impacted every square inch of the Whitsunday region in some way.  Significant damage to homes, buildings, infrastructure and the environment affected all of us. 

Below is a list of the Council buildings and assets which were repaired with funding from the Commonwealth/State Natural Disaster Relief & Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) over 2017-2019: 

  • Airlie Beach Lagoon Refurbishment 
  • Proserpine Swimming Pool
  • Collinsville Swimming Pool 
  • Shingley Beach and Airlie Beach sand replenishment
  • Boathaven Beach sand replenishment
  • Shade Sails and Structures
  • Bowen PCYC
  • Whisper Bay Seawall
  • Whitsunday PCYC
  • Bowen Administration Building
  • Whitsunday Coast Airport
  • Damaged Signs
  • Cannonvale Beach sand replenishment
  • Marine Vessel Retrievals
  • Shute Harbour Road lighting
  • Airlie Beach Bicentennial Walkway lighting
  • Conway Beach Seawall
  • Culvert Repairs
  • Road Repairs
  • Andromache Bridge
  • Inverdon Bridge
  • Bowen Front Beach Seawall

Contact Us

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we continue to rebuild and restore our Whitsunday region. Council would like to apologise for any inconveniences caused by these works.

 If you have any enquiries about these works, contact Customer Service on (07) 4945 0200 or email us at info@whitsundayrc.qld.gov.au

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    Email  info@whitsundayrc.qld.gov.au

    67 Herbert Street, Bowen
    Shop 23 Whitsunday Plaza, Cannonvale
    Cnr. Stanley and Conway Streets, Collinsville
    52 Main Street, Proserpine
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