Studies and Superseded Planning Schemes

Superseded Planning Scheme
On 21 December 2018, Council commenced Version 3.6 of the Whitsunday Planning Scheme 2017, containing administrative amendments and a Planning Scheme Policy amendment to the Whitsunday Development Manual. The amendment superseded Version 3.5 of the Planning Scheme. The Version of the Planning Scheme below constitutes the superseded Planning Scheme for the purposes of Section 29 of the Planning Act 2016.

These amendments constitute the superseded Planning Scheme for the purposes of section 29 of the Planning Act 2016. 

Historical Planning Schemes
The following documents are historical Planning Schemes for reference purposes only and do not constitute superseded Planning Schemes for the purposes of section 29 of the Planning Act 2016.

 Supporting Documents

Planning Scheme

There are also several ancillary documents that support the Planning Scheme, and these include:

Stormwater Quality Guideline

Urban development places pressure on waterway assets such as the Great Barrier Reef, significant 
rivers and local streams. Stormwater carries pollutants such as nitrogen, phosphorous, sediment, 
litter, heavy metal and hydrocarbons. These impact upon local waterways, rivers and the Great 
Barrier Reef. Changes in hydrology associated with new urban development cause stream erosion 
and change flow regimes. These deliver greater loads of polluting sediment downstream and change 
ecological communities. 

In recent years advances in urban development approaches and stormwater treatment technologies 
have made it possible to minimise the impact that new urban development has on waterways. 
Whitsunday Regional Council requires that new development appropriately manages its stormwater in 
order to protect the regions many and varied natural assets.

Whitsunday Regional Council has developed the Stormwater Quality Guideline [PDF 8.13MB] to clearly articulate our requirements for new development and redevelopment with respect to how it manages the environmental impacts of its stormwater.

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