Planning Scheme

A planning scheme is an instrument made by a local government that manages “development”. The development managed by a planning scheme is  generally limited to:

  • “material change of use of premises”. Generally including:
    • the start of a new use of the premises;
    • the re-establishment on the premises of a use that has been abandoned;
    • a material increase in the intensity or scale of the use of the premises.

  • “reconfiguring a lot”. Generally including:
    • creating lots by subdividing another lot;
    • rearranging the boundaries of a lot
    • creating an easement giving access to a lot from a constructed road
  • “carrying out operational works” . Generally including:
    • excavating or filling
    • undertaking works on public water supply or sewerage infrastructure
    • placing an advertising device on premises
    • undertaking roadworks on a local government road.
Currently, the Whitsundays has two planning schemes : A planning scheme manages development by requiring particular types of development to comply with applicable codes. To assess whether or not a development complies with these codes the planning scheme may require:
  • an application to be assessed by the local government; or
  • self assessment by the person undertaking the development
If an application is required, then the application may also be assessed against other requirements such as a state planning instrument. If a planning scheme is inconsistent with:
  • a state planning instrument, the state planning instrument prevails to the extent of the inconsistency.
  • a planning scheme policy, the planning scheme prevails to the extent of the inconsistency.
  • the building assessment provisions, the building assessment provisions prevails to the extent of the inconsistency
Council must review their planning scheme every ten years or after the relevant regional plan is updated, however, local governments may update the planning scheme sooner.

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