Apply for a planning application

If a particular type of development requires a Planning Approval, then a development application is required to be lodged, assessed and decided by the local government.

Each development application must be properly made, that is, it must:

  • be made to the assessment manager, usually the local government
  • be in the approved form or made electronically using Smart eDA
  • be accompanied by any mandatory supporting information specified on the approved form
  • be accompanied by the required fee
  • include the owner’s consent if required under section 263 of the Planning Act.

To determine the required fee, it is necessary to have regard to Council’s Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Generally, owner’s consent is required for development involving either a material change of use of premises or reconfiguring a lot.

Assessing a development application involves the following stages:

  1.  application stage
  2.  information and referral stage
  3.  notification stage (impact assessable development only)
  4.  decision stage
  5.  compliance stage.

Typically, the assessment of a development application can take 10 business days for small-scale developments (e.g. building setback relaxation) to more than 12 months for complex developments.

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