Cyclone Shelters

Bowen Cyclone Shelter, Bowen State High School, Richmond Road, Bowen

Proserpine Cyclone Shelter, Proserpine State School, Sterry Street, Proserpine

Basic Information
Everybody living in a cyclone prone-area should have a household emergency plan, which includes evacuation and cyclone shelter considerations. The best and most comfortable option for most people during a tropical cyclone is to shelter in their homes.

Cyclone shelters should be treated as a last resort for people who do not have somewhere safe to shelter, or cannot evacuate the warning zones.

Cyclone shelters will only be opened by Council for a severe Tropical Cyclone; this is a Category 3, 4 or 5 cyclone.

Some of the limitations of the Cyclone Shelters include (but are not limited to):

 - Pet owners will need to identify, early in their cyclone planning, other arrangements for sheltering their pets.  No pets are allowed in the Cyclone Shelter.
 - Cyclone Shelters do not have enough space for bedding and personal goods as it takes up valuable floor space.  The Shelters will be used to accommodate as many people as is possible in the available space and most people will need to be seated in a chair.
 - Evacuees may be in a Cyclone Shelter for up to 18 hours.  During this period the Shelter will be "locked" down for a period of time as the cyclone passes.
 - Cyclone shelters will become cramped, noisy, smelly, boring and you and your family will have little or no privacy.

For a full list of limitations, conditions of entry and the Cyclone Shelter Code of Conduct, please read the documents below.
Further information
Watch the cyclone shelter information video 4.32 minutes

Whitsunday Regional Council's cyclone shelter and evacuation options brochure [PDF, 1.2MB]
 Cyclone shelter conditions of entry [PDF, 235KB]
 Cyclone shelter code of conduct [PDF, 295KB]

The cyclone shelter code of conduct is available to download in 12 languages other than English: 
Cantonese [PDF 487 KB]
French [PDF 472 KB]
German [PDF 496 KB]
Greek [PDF 463 KB]
Hazaragi [PDF 462 KB]
Italian [PDF 484 KB]
Japanese [PDF 488 KB]
Korean [PDF 538 KB]
Maltese [PDF 481 KB]
Mandarin [PDF 480 KB]
Tagalog [PDF 472 KB]
Vietnamese [PDF 487 KB]

Proserpine Cyclone Shelter

  1. P  1300 WRC QLD (1300 972 753)

    67 Herbert Street, Bowen
    Shop 23 Whitsunday Plaza, Cannonvale
    Cnr. Stanley and Conway Streets, Collinsville
    83 - 85 Main Street, Proserpine
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